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Manuscripts in prep

  • Usinowicz, J. and O’Connor, M.I.  In prep. The fitness value of ecological information.
  • Calvo, Lara; and Usinowicz, Jacob. In prep. How a warming climate and competition jointly impact habitat suitability for co-occurring Daphnia species.

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Usinowicz, J. and J.M. Levine. 2021. Climate-driven range shifts reduce persistence of competitors in an alpine plant community.  Global Change Biology. Link to code on GitHub
  • Usinowicz, J. and J.M. Levine. 2018. Species persistence under climate change: a geographic scale coexistence problem. Ecology Letters. 21 (11): 1589-1603 Link to code on GitHub.
  • Alexander, J. M., J. M. Diez, J. Usinowicz, and S. P. Hart. 2018. Species’ Distributions as a Coexistence Problem: A Response to Godsoe et al. Trends in ecology & evolution 33:144– 145.
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  • Hart, S. P., J. Usinowicz, and J. M. Levine. 2017. The spatial scales of species coexistence. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1:1066. Link to code on GitHub
  • Usinowicz, J., J. Qiu, and A. Kamarainen. 2016. Flashiness and Flooding of Two Lakes in the Upper Midwest During a Century of Urbanization and Climate Change. Ecosystems:1–15. PDF Link to code on GitHub.
  • Usinowicz, J. 2015. Limited Dispersal Drives Clustering and Reduces Coexistence by the Storage Effect. The American Naturalist 186:634–648. PDFAppendix A, Appendix B, Appendix CLink to code on GitHub.
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  • Usinowicz, J., S. J. Wright, and A. R. Ives. 2012. Coexistence in tropical forests through asynchronous variation in annual seed production. Ecology 93:2073–2084. PDFAppendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix D.

Technical reports

  • Usinowicz, J. E. Childress, S. Christel, K. Cromwell, A. Hasley , B. Kraemer, A. Latzka, A. Mikulyuk, C. R. Reyes, J. Raynor, J. Stenglein, J. Vander Zanden, J. Walsh. 2013. Interim Progress of the Yahara Watershed Adaptive Management Pilot Project. PDF