Teaching and outreach


I have been fortunate enough to teach and be involved in several courses since starting my PhD. This includes TAing and designing course materials for Zoology 101 over several years at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Quantitative Methods in Plant Ecology at ETH Zuerich. 

Some simple tools that I have developed to help teach theory: 

Code for R shiny apps for some basic population models, allowing the user to change model parameter values and immediately visualize or download data: 


These are run on the R shiny server:

Leslie-Gower model: https://ecotheory.shinyapps.io/leslie_gower

Lottery model: https://ecotheory.shinyapps.io/lottery


WildResearch  workshop on How to apply for graduate school in Ecology and the environmental sciences: 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: EEB_POC (@twitter)

I like to get my hands dirty and my feet wet working whenever I can! 









Using R Shiny to track Covid-19 in 2020